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Promotion day by each prefecture(Events and PR by each municipality)

Events named “●● Prefecture (City) Days” for each municipality will be held for 2 days in the event space inside the venue.

The project took place on the dates noted below. Thank you so much for visiting the venue!

You can see the state of the day from here

Fri. July 23, Sat. July 24

Fukushima Prefecture Days

Sun. July 25, Mon. July 26

Yamagata Prefecture Days

Tue. July 27, Wed. July 28

Iwate Prefecture Days

Thu. July 29, Fri. July 30

Aomori Prefecture Days

Sat. July 31, Sun. August 1

Akita Prefecture Days

Mon. August 2, Tue. August 3

Sendai City Days

Wed. August 4, Thu. August 5

Niigata Prefecture Days

Fri. August 6, Sat. August 7

Miyagi Prefecture Days