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Experience the liquor and food of the Tohoku region(Tasting Sake and local foods/exbition of sake)

Through tasting and sampling sake and other local products that the Tohoku region is proud of, visitors will be able to experience the region’s food culture and help dispel harmful rumors about it. There will be sake from 210 sake breweries from the region on display at the event.
Cooperation: AOMORI Brewers Association, Iwate Prefecture Japan-Sake Makers Association, MIYAGI SAKE AND SHOCHU MAKERS ASSOCIATION, Akita Sake Brewers Association, Yamagata Sake Makers Association, Fukushima Prefecture Sake Brewers Cooperative, Niigata Sake Brewers Association, Sendai Regional Taxation Bureau

* Sake tasting and local foods tasting have been canceled based on the Declaration of State of Emergency in Tokyo.

About sake in the Tohoku region (introduction video)

This is a video that shows the characteristics and charm of sake in each prefecture.
Please take a look.

Aomori Prefecture

Iwate Prefectur

Miyagi Prefecture

Akita Prefecture

Yamagata Prefecture

Fukushima Prefectur

Niigata Prefecture①

Niigata Prefecture②