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Contents at the main location

The main location consists of the “Gratitude zone”, “Exchange zone”, and “Toward tomorrow zone”.

Main location floor map

Main location floor map

Expressing our gratitude for all the reconstruction support

Gratitude Zone

We will express our gratitude for the support that has been provided from around the world and present many episodes from the reconstruction process including hard-won accomplishments and the return of smiles to the faces of local people who still strive to rebuild from the disaster.

Welcome board

The welcome board shows messages to visitors and provides a floor map.

Infographic panel wallsInfographic walls provide an introduction to the reconstruction process and aid information.

Footage of reconstruction from Great East Japan Earthquake and support from all over the world will be posted on the walls and expressed graphically.

Full size panels of gratitude

Messages of gratitude from locals will be showcased with full-size photographs and images. A variety of elements and episodes from reconstruction will be communicated.

The symbol tree

The symbol monument was created with wood from the Tohoku region. It expresses the power and the strength for on-going reconstruction.

Great East Japan Earthquake
Media library

A variety of articles published by local media after the Great East Japan Earthquake will be shown, with the goal of keeping the memories of the disaster from fading.

The Relics of the Great East Japan Earthquake area

We will introduce artifacts from the Great East Japan Earthquake and other exhibition halls in order to pass on some life lessons from the disaster.

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Spreading the charm of the Tohoku region throughout the world.

Exchange zone

We will introduce the charm of the Tohoku region in the form of the rich nature, various traditions, and cultures of the region by offering images, workshops for traditional crafts, samples of foods and drinks and more.

Video content that conveys the appeal of Tohoku region

The charm and beauty of the scenery and traditional culture of the Tohoku region will be recreated with projections on a large screen. Visitors can experience breath-taking large-scale views and motion graphics (CG) images which can’t be seen anywhere else.

Experience the traditional culture from the Tohoku region

This area allows visitors to try traditional crafts from the Tohoku region while interacting with craftsmen.
Actual craft pieces will be exhibited as well.

Try the food and Japanese Sake from the Tohoku region.

Visitors can experience the Tohoku region’s food and drink culture by trying the large variety of Japanese traditional alcoholic beverages and delicious local foods that the region is rightfully proud of.

Tohoku regionSimulated experience of snow in the Tohoku region

This area allows visitors to have a simulated experience of the winter in the Tohoku region in the hot summer of Tokyo through VR and more.
Snow will be introduced as a local “treasure” here.

Tohoku regionConcierge desk

Seasonal/ tourist information and access information for the Tohoku region will be available. Concierges will greet the visitors here with AI information guidance.

Tea-time in Japanese style veranda

The rest area is modeled on the Japanese style ‘engawa” veranda, which has always been seen as a part of the Tohoku region lifestyle.

Festivals in the Tohoku region

Live performances of famous festivals from the Tohoku region will be presented.
Feel the fiery passion of festivals of the Tohoku in the middle of Tokyo.
(Performance dates are limited)
※Currently under review

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Creating the future of the Tohoku region.

Towards Tomorrow Zone

We will present the activities conducted by children who will be the leaders of “tomorrow” in the Tohoku region, and the efforts taken by corporations and organizations towards our “tomorrow”.

Coming soon